End the “personal and reprehensible attacks” – Melissa Mark Viverito tells Dan Squadron

Calls out Squadron’s “bullying tactics” in pointing to recent personal attacks against Councilwoman Letitia James


New York, NY – New York City Councilwoman and Co-Chair of the City Council’s Progressive Caucus called on State Sen. Dan Squadron’s campaign to stop the personal attacks against Councilwoman Letitia “Tish” James.


Throughout this race, Squadron’s campaign has personally attacked James while trying to run away from his own record of support for Mayor Michael Bloomberg.


“I’m Councilwoman Melissa Mark Viverito. 

In recent weeks and months, I’ve been shocked by personal and reprehensible attacks against my colleague and candidate for Public Advocate Letitia James. 

Tish is one of the most ethical and driven women I know. I’ve seen how hard she fight for working people in our city and how effectively she takes on the Old Boys Club. 

Her opponent has attempted to bully Tish and reached the heights of personal and petty attacks in an effort to bring her down. 

Just yesterday, he attacked Tish by questioning her ethics and claiming she didn’t sign her tax returns.

 They were electronic filings. Welcome to the 21st Century.

 This, after her opponent’s campaign sent people to Tish’s home as they tried to dig up dirt on Tish and her family. 

This simply is unacceptable. 

No matter who you support for office, we just can’t allow this type of politics of personal destruction in our discourse.

 For all of our sake, please end these personal and petty attacks. New Yorkers face real issues that progressives like Letitia James are working on. 

Let’s debate those issues and drop these awful attacks.”


About Tish JamesA Brooklyn native, Tish James has been a long-time public servant. Prior to being elected City Councilwoman in 2003, James was a top-level aide to members of the State Assembly, where she played a crucial role in bringing resources to some of New York’s most vulnerable communities. She has also served as a public defender in the Legal Aid Society and an Assistant Attorney General for New York State (Brooklyn Region). In the City Council, James 

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